Letter From The Owner


Dearest Community,

It’s a new year! With the drastic change politically in our nation, now more than ever, we need to remember community. We need to celebrate diversity. We need to support small businesses and focus on helping each other. Let’s remember that supporting Thread is supporting the hundreds of makers, crafters, welders, drawers, seamstresses, and lovers who uniquely outfit this city with handmade greatness.

That said, let’s celebrate that Thread is entering its 6th year! We have new partners who have helped move the boutique to new heights. Pictured below, Shaun and Sierra are welcomed warmly to this Thread community.

This year we are looking forward to hosting more parties and providing unique shopping days for sales and giveaways. Keep in touch through Facebook and Instagram for details. Want to join the “list” to receive a monthly newsletter with exclusive invites? Please email ellisann@threadcommunity.com

Happy New Year!