Letter From The Owner


Dearest Community,

Important Letter from the Owner to Thread Artists and Loyal Fans

My dearest Thread Community,

When I look back over the last 6 years of Thread ownership I swell with pride. It has been unimaginably fulfilling selling all of the wonderful handmades, getting to know each of you as individuals, and participating in the type of consumer culture that actually benefits the greater community. It has been an exciting ride! There are things I wish I did differently, but mostly there are things that I will be so proud to have accomplished when all is said and done. I am most proud of the collection of amazing artists we have managed to unite, and continue to bring together in this tiny shop.

That said, I have exciting news. In late summer of 2018 I will be moving to the family farm in Virginia to raise my two boys as free range children, grow organic food, and well, start a new business adventure. I will be ‘retiring’ as owner of Thread, in order for Thread’s own Nessa Yvonne to take over the ownership of our lovely store. She has been an irreplaceable asset to the shop, so it gives me great honor to pass on the business to such a hard working, talented woman. I have no doubt that she will combine forces with other Thread people, to bring Thread to a whole new level. It was always my goal to have the shop run cooperatively. We will announce an official grand re-opening, with more details in the new year.

I am truly happy with this decision and I would love your support through the holidays and beyond. In fact, I will still be working at Thread one day a week until my family moves. I look forward to spending more time on my own handmade creations for the shop!

Sincerely as always,